About Us

Who, what when, where and why are the five “W’s” that best explain a topic from start to finish. So, let’s get started and get right to it.

Who is The Tech Spotlight? We’re a group of tech oriented geeks who are passionate in the field of technology. Our jobs are associated to computer science as well as our recreational activities. We love to learn more on the advancements of technolgical innovation and do our best to share our knowledge with the web.

What  is The Tech Spotlight? An online website that specializes in publishing tech oriented content. Our objective is to share as much food for the brain possible in an attempt to help improve people’s lives by giving useful tips throughout our reviews, news and tips.

When did The Tech Spotlight begin? It was actually an on and off side project that had been postponed since early 2017 until finally sucking it up to get things done and make the website a reality in 2018.

Where did The Tech Spotlight begin? On the web. Yeah, that’s a pretty unexpected answer since most people would have expected a specific location for everyone to have gathered and brainstormed thoughs. However, our team was literally comprised by nothing but techie forum fans who simply bonded strong enough to develop solid friendship which now leads to an official website.

Why did we create The Tech Spotlight?  Because there’s nothing more fulfilling than having a group of 7 geeks chit chat about technology all day long until realizing the topics of discussion were so great and so appealing to others that it just seemed like a great idea to share our views with the world. So, we just wanted our five minutes of fame and what better way to get on the spotlight than by using the all mighty internet. Welcome to the spotlight fellow readers!